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Could Use Some Help With TR3X3G1866C9DF Please


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I built a machine in Jan. '09 using an Asus P6T Deluxe Rev. 1 MB, I7 920 CPU at 3.8GHz and 3x1GB sticks of Corsair Dominator TR3X3G1866C9DF DDR3. I've used the machine 2 to 3 hours a day for the past 9 months with no issues at all.


Now, I've ordered another 3 sticks of the exact same 1866MHz Dominator TR3X3G1866C9DF memory. When installed, all 6 DIMM slots will be filled, each with 1GB of DDR3. I would very much like to know if anyone is aware of any issues with 6 sticks of TR3X3G1866C9DF memory on an Asus P6T board. If there are any problems I'd like to familiarize myself with the work arounds before the memory arrives in about 4 or 5 days. If there are no issues, I'd very much like to know that as well.


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The 3 sticks of TR3X3G1866C9DF goodness arrived today. Expecting the delivery today, I re-set my BIOS to system defaults yesterday in anticipation of the installation today. I have attached a screenshot for you to see my results. I just popped in the three sticks, the system booted fine & posted 6144MB. CPU-Z, Windows System, Belarc Advisor, Sisoft Sandra, all reported 6GB. I then went into the BIOS and re-set my Bclk to 200 and the multi to 19, Vcore to 1.31250, QPI to 1.31875 and DRAM to 1.64v. These were the exact BIOS settings I was using with the 3 sticks before. The system booted fine and I'm running at the same 1603MHz I was before. I can still increase the multi and Bclk to reach 4.0GHz as before and I can still run the DDR3 at 1866MHz as before but the QPI voltage required is higher than I am comfortable with, so a max. of 1603MHz is fine with me.


What I'm trying to say here is that after loading up all the DIMM slots, and mixing the older DDR3 with the newer sticks, everything is working exactly the same as it was before except that I now have 6GB instead of 3GB. Oh yes, there was one change. With the 3 sticks my timing was 9,9,9,24 1T. Now, with the 6 sticks my timing is 9,9,9,24 2T. The drop in the Command Rate is of no real importance to me.

So there ya go, no problems or issues of any kind. Good stuff this Corsair Dominator! Thanks again....David

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