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Timings: GA-EP45-UD3P and TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF


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Hello Corsair Team,


I am the proud owner of some of your TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF. Amazing set of memory, lightning fast, and looks beautiful :winking:!


Unfortunately, I've had my problems with this memory. The memory runs rock solid, amazingly stable, and overclocks like a dream (up into the 1100's :):). My issue is that on a cold boot, the system won't fire up at all, and it is a PITA.


I have tried this memory in 2 completely different systems:

1) ASUS P5Q PRO, ******** 700W, Intel C2Q Q6600

2) Giga-Byte GA-EP45-UD3P, Corsair 750W, Intel C2D E8500


Both systems exhibit the exact same behavior, except, it is MUCH more promintent in the ASUS board and is much harder to surpass! In the ASUS system, I find myself waiting for up to 10 minutes with the system in a 'running but doing nothing state -- no screen, no post, no beeps', after that a reboot and the system boots up irregardless of whether it is oc'ed or not. In the Giga-Byte system, if I take a single stick of memory out, boot the system go into the BIOS and putter around for a few minutes (1 or 2), shut down, insert the other stick and boot up I'm good. Same deal, where in the Giga-Byte system it doesn't matter if the system is OC'ed or not. Nice that it's quicker on the GB system, but I've got to ripping the system apart is aweful!


Honestly, neither scenario works for me.


I have tried running stock and overclocked with auto settings for memory, as well as stock and overclocked with defined settings for memory. I did the best that I could to scrounge up settings from Google searches with this memory on different systems. I have always run my memory at 2.1V as rated. I have also tried bumping the NB volts to 1.2 and 1.3, I dare not run 1.4 without active cooling on the NB! I have tried switching the sticks around, perhaps one likes to 'lead' while the other 'follows'. Of course, I also tried the other slots. Memtest comes up clean as a whistle with the sticks in single config or dual config also.


NOTE: Remember that memtest, heck ALL of these tests :p:, only run when the system boots up there is no memtest when my system won't POST.


Before forking out for the Giga-Byte board (which is new BTW), I replaced my ASUS board 3 times thinking that was the problem. Now that I have all new components, EXCEPT, for the memory I know what is my source of these problems.


NOTE: Both systems do appear to run more stable at DDR-800 even at 4-4-4-12 but that defeats the purpose of having DDR-1066 :laughing:!


Am I missing something? I'm thinking that there isn't enough voltage when booting up after sitting cold all night, kind of like how a car doesn't want to rollover when it's -20C outside :D:? What about the Term voltages and Reference voltage? Lastly, what are the proper timings for this kit?


I know they are rated for 5-5-5-15 2CMD. I also know that every board is different, but, with a basic foundation all of us enthusiasts can tweak as we need to :winking:. I looked throughout these forums for timings, but found little to nothing, not even by the search function.


The good: I have 4x1GB of your TWIN2X2048-6400C4 in my ASUS C2Q system running at DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 without any issues at all, and the system is OC'ed to 3.2GHz to boot! I think the new Giga-Byte C2D can outperform though with this memory :D:!


Guys, I've been working on PCs for 15+ years ... I need your help!



Thank You All,




Technical Writer for LAN Addict!

Informations Technologist for Zycom Technology Inc.

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Thanks RAM GUY :)!


I'll give the replacement set a shot.


I can't understand why they won't kick up above DDR800 when they are 'cold'. After they have run for a while, no problems. It's got to be something with the voltage, something in the conductor between the layers of the board, or solder settling (now that's a scary thought!).


I know Corsair builds solid products, which is why I always fork out the premium when building for myself and others. Your warranty coverage is at the top of my A list, and performance is right up there as well :):!


Appreciate the help, I'll keep you updated!


BTW, what are your recommended settings for this kit?


5-5-5-15 at 2.1V and 2CMD.


I've heard a lot about the TRFC liking to be at 60, accurrate? How about the driving strength or static tread value?

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