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H50 and Skeleton case.


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Hi all. I have a P55 set up with an ******** Skeleton case.




I need to use a low profile cooler as a tower cooler will not fit (max height clearance 98mm) and low profile fan coolers do not do the job.


I have decided to purchase the H50 ( already have a Corsair HX620 PSU, excellent product!) and I am trying to work out where to put the radiator LOL.

Anyone have any ideas? The back of the case has a full width thin plastic bracket for securing PCI cards. http://users.adam.com.au/davidald/skeleton%20rear.jpg



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You can mount the radiator anywhere that it will fit, which would be anywhere that you can mount a 120mm fan. I am not too familiar with that specific case, but the radiator can be mounted in any orientation, so you should have some flexibility on how you decide to install it.
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