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HX3X12G1600C9G BIOS Settings


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Building a new computer with this DIMM set (6x2GB), want to make sure all is well before I add HDDs and an OS.


Installed DIMMS on an Asus P6T with an i7 920. No problem with POST. Enter BIOS, it shows "Usable Size" as 12279 MB. Does that mean all six DIMMS are working and detected?


Main AI Tweaker readout:


AI Overclock Tuner - Auto

CPU Ratio Setting - Auto

Speedstep - Enabled

Turbo Mode - Enabled

DRAM Frequency - Auto

UCLK Frequency - Auto

QPI Link - Auto

Voltages - all Auto




Under DRAM Timing Control, the "1st Information" is 8-8-8-20-4-59-8-6-20-0. Should I change the first four numbers to 9-9-9-24? Leave the rest alone?

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Thought I read somewhere that XMP didn't work well with this MB/RAM combo. But I enabled it per your suggestion and:


First four settings are now 9-9-9-24

Timing Mode is now 2N

DRAM bus voltage is now 1.60v

QPI/DRAM voltage is now 1.35v

and it's at 1600Mhz


All correct?

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