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TWIN2X4096-6400C5 and Gigabyte mobo not posting in dual channel


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Hi ,


Just bought the new parts and after I put the thing together I kept getting post error where the PC just crashed and rebooted and crashed and reboted every time it came to checking the memory.


I finaly took one of the matched sticks out and presto I got post and everything else .... I then swaped the sticks and it booted fine, I tried putting them all over the place but no way will the two sticks coexist. Singly they are fine, together I never get post.


What can I do ? these are 800mhz running on a mobo that clearly supports them ?


There are a few things to ask also, the ram is ver 5.1 and it says that its 1.80v on the fact sheet it says 1.9v and my PC is feeding it 1.95v and there is no way of going backwards to reduce the voltage.


Is this damaging the ram ?


What can I do to run these 2x2 together , I haven't even been able to start installing windows yet.


Thank you for any helpful suggestions



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This morning while writing to Gigabite to explain the problem I turned the PC on to refresh my memory of what exactly it does and it booted fine. 4gigs and all. No errors, none of the behaviur that it displayed last night. I changed NOTHING. I turned it off last night and turned it on this morning . THAT IS IT.


Long live the night repair fairies.


Unbelievable ! Its sort of hard to accept, and believe that the mobo is going to perform faithfully from now on !


Never the less I have nothing to correct now.


Thank you



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