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Possible failure- CM2X1024-8500C5D


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I am running 4x1GB sticks of this ram on an EVGA 680i mobo.

2 days ago my computer crashed and refused to boot again. The C1 POST code and long beeps informed me of RAM failure. I think I've isolated the stick that is causing the issue, as I spent over an hour trying different configurations and could get no definitive result. Removing any RAM stick whatsoever and then reinserting it seemed to fix the problem temporarily, but within an hour the system crashed once more. Also, the computer gave me a C1 without the troublesome stick in, leading me to believe the problem might be more than one. However, I have been running without the firstly accused stick in for about 4 hours and have not had a crash.

I have tested every slot and temps, and it is not the mobo or overheating. I tested the memory sticks and no problems were found, but problems have been occurring, so I am sure at least one stick is on the fritz, and two sticks failing at once doesn't seem probable to me.

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