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Decreasing RAM Problem


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Apologies in advance for my lack of technical expertise but I am in need of help. I recently purchased a EX58-UD5 MOBO and am running 12 gigs of RAM via CORSAIR HX3X12G1600C9 12GB (6 x 2GB) modules. I set the BIOS to optimized settings and only changed the logo screen option.


During post the MOBO sees all 12 gigs of RAM as does Vista 64. However, after an hour or two and a reboot the MOBO and vista only see 8 gigs...two hours after usage they see 4 gigs. My assumption is that they RAM is getting hot with use and becoming inaccessible. 30 minutes after shutdown all 12 gigs reappear.


I am running six fans and a Zalman CPU cooler with the fans set at max...CPU/GPU temps are all in the high 30s and low 40s. I checked the RAM temps with an infrared gun and it seems that once temps surpass 90 deg. F, the ram is no longer accessible.


Should I check anything else before RMA ing the RAM...could it be the board?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply Ram Guy. The ram kit was shipped back to the reseller earlier today as I figured I would just leave the working modules in despite the fact that they cost a lot more than the Corsair. For what it's worth, the Corsair ram came highly recommended and I think my experience was a simple luck of the draw rather than a reflection on the product line as a whole.
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