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Are there ATX Extension cables I can buy for the 520hx?

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Hi so I had to flip my Corsair 520hx on my bottom mounted power supply case and it causes the cable not to be long enough to cable manage. I have this unique compartment I could use to hide the 24 pin power cable and also I would like to run the 4 pin power cable along the walls of the case.


I have seen other brands cable extension but I was wondering first if Corsair makes some to and if they are safe to use. Thank you.

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I use Performance PC's for my cable extension,figure about $50.00 plus shipping for a 3ft 24pin cable extension,then you have your 12VATX then you have your PCIe's.


By reading Corsairs responses on cable extensions (they don't bless them,and you could have warranty trouble),I would be very careful about cable extensions.


I just relate what I do ,I don't advise you to do the same,I realise I may be denied warranty on either my HX1000W TX850W or my Corsair 400W I use for my server.The P/S's are of such high quality to start and the cables are made by a Corsair retailer espically for the Corsair P/S (so they know what they are working with and know what they are doing) these are top of the line professionally built custom (built one at a time to your specs) cables,so I feel comfortable taking the risk.


If I was afraid of component failure I would not OC either.

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