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HX1000W Noise Issue


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I recently put together a gaming rig that has a brand new HX1000W purchased off newegg.com about 2 months ago. While I am in Windows there is a faint noise coming from the PSU that occasionally makes a clicking sound. The real problems begin when I boot up any game (Crysis, WoW, COD4 and COD5, Left for Dead, etc..) and the PSU's noise kicks into high gear. This noise sounds like a high pitched grinding or electrical whine.


After trying to just flat out ignore the noise with my headphones on while gaming, it has gotten worse over the past few weeks. About 1 week ago I decided to borrow a PSU from a friend's gaming rig and the problem completely went away. Is there anything I can do to fix this strange noise on my HX1000W?





*edit: the actual model on the top of the unit says: CMPSU-1000HX

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