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Corsair Xms3 DDR3 not recognised or fitting in firmly!


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Hi all, I already have 6gb ram in my PC (Samsung PC3-10700H 667mhz, part no. M378B5673DZ1-ch9) occupying orange slots.

Today, I just bought another 6gb RAM (triple channel corsair xms3 ddr 3: TR3X6G1333C9 G). But I have had nothing but headache trying to make it work.


1). Installed only one of the new sticks in the first available black slot. But the physical size seemed to big as the white clips did not flip back by themselves. Even by hand, the clips do not fit perfectly, they stick out a little. Should I remove the silver bits on the side of the ram?


2). No additional RAM showed up on boot up, nor in CPU-Z

3). Installed remaining two sticks with similar clip issues.

4). No additional RAM showed up on boot up, nor in CPU-Z


Please Help!!!!


CPU-Z Report available on request

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OKay, looks like I had to use alot more force than Id imagine. I forced em all in with alot more pressure (it was a potentially dangerous amount of strength that I had to use). But I got it all working! 12gb RAM recognised.

Now my only criticism is the typical 'meh Vista takes up yet another gigabyte, leaving me with 10gb to actually play with' :)


P.S. I did not remove the heat spreaders :)


- Thanks

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