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TX750 dead, need help…


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Hi all,

I am still in shock what had happened since I was expecting better…let me start from the beginning…got new computer components several days ago and assembled my computer…basically it is new i7 860, 4 GB ram, SSD, GTX 285 GB and no brand name PS at 630W..

Everything was fine and working till I start playing BF2, at that point my computer starts restarting…installed another game, it runs fine. Did 3DMark06 and computer on graphic test was restarting. Put in my old 7600 GT card and everything is fine.

So it had to be my PS as it had not enough juice to support 285 when graphics got intensive. Tried this many times and always same results. Could play BF2 for 20 minutes or so before re-start.

So go back to forums and discovered that my card needs 550W and as I had no name brand, I returned that one and got brand new TX750. Checked the reviews all good and all happy..

Got home last night, put everything in place, powered the computer, all good…did 3DMark06 to check if there are restarts, none all good, and as I was closing my case with big smile and clicked on post my results to net system powered down….I was so mad…

Tried it again, machine powered for 5-10 seconds and same. Next time it would not power at all, tried again it would power up for 1 second and nothing..again nothing, again nothing, again 1 second power and down…

Taken all apart, put everything back and nothing….put my old thermalake 420W PS and got system up without video card as it cannot support it and everything is fine…

Tried paperclip test, it spins for ½ second and stops…there is some noise but nothing more than that….so I am really disappointed as I gave back no brand name PS to get this one, and it only lasted 5 minutes? Any ideas what happened?

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I sympathise with you!


Well, it also looks like I have a buggered TX750. I turned my computer on today and it's powered down on three occasions in the space of 15 minutes. I checked the BIOS voltage reading and it went down to as little as 9.40v before I decided I won't be using it again.


I have now stuck my TX550 back in, and the reading is 12.18v, although it was showing less the other day.



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