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After Shutting down PC, High Pitch Whine


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Let me start from the beginning... A week or so ago i was on my PC as normal with my HX620w power supply when suddenly it tripped the power for the whole house. When i flipped the power back on and tried to power up my pc not even a flicker of light, the Power Supply was dead. I tested with an old PSU (which gave the same prob below) to make sure. This has all been RMA'd and in the process of being replaced but that's not the problem...


I brought a HX1000w to replace it and also to prepare for a more powerful Graphics Card purchase. Plugged it all in and noticed a very annoying problem, it seems to work fine but when i power down i get a very loud high pitched whine for a second right before it powers off completely. I searched around and people seem to say it has something to do with the PSU cutting power to the GPU before it has powered itself off and isn't a real issue.


It is extremely annoying though, i'm hoping there is a simple solution. I am going to see if i can borrow a friends Graphics card to see if that's the culprit. Is there a chance it's some sort of failsafe alarm setting from when my PSU surged i can turn off?


Sorry if i've made some mistakes or illogical remarks in my post i'm quite the Hardware newbie.


Thanks in advance

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