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Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16Gb Stopped Working


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I have a 16Gb Flash Voyager GT (red edged) that has suddenly stopped working.


I was copying files to it and it then gave an error, following which it appears as a device in device manager but not as a hard drive I can access any more.


The drive appears for half a second, vanishes for two seconds, and repeats over again.


The blue light flashes only once every two seconds and not at all on insertion.


Is the unit faulty?



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My problem is very similar, but different. My Voyager GT 16GB seems to be fine on 2 PCs that I've tried, but on the Macbook it appears at first, but about 3 or 4 seconds later, the macbook declares that it was removed without being properly ejected, even in the middle of a copy operation.


Should I fill out that form aswell or is there something else I can do...? :bigeyes:





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