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100 thousand SSD write cycle


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And it's a pretty small, almost insignificant, limitation ..... as noted by:


Michael Yang, flash marketing manager at Samsung


"There are also concerns about wear. That is, flash has the potential to wear out after tens (or hundreds) of thousands of write cycles.


This characterization, however, is too simplistic. A flash device that is rated at 100,000 write cycles, for example, can write 100,000 times to every single (memory) cell within the device. In other words, the device doesn't write to the same cell over and over again but spreads out the writes over many different cells. This is achieved through wear leveling which is carried out by the SSD's controller.


This would make it virtually impossible to wear out a flash chip. A pattern could be perpetually repeated in which a 64GB SSD is completely filled with data, erased, filled again, then erased again every hour of every day for years, and the user still wouldn't reach the theoretical write limit.


I just hope I live long enough to see my drive out lol :-)

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