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TX750w severe EMI


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I can't seem to find a way to contact Corsair and discuss my problem. I'm posting here with the hopes that someone from Corsair will see it and get me an answer. It's not a problem that's on the "pull down menu" they have for tech support.


Here's the jist of it. My PSU is emitting electromagnetic energy quite powerfully and interfering with licensed operation of HAM radio gear in the HF - 2meter bands. It also stomps on AM / FM broadcast radio.


To test it, I turned off all the circuit breakers to the house to ensure there was nothing electronic operating that could cause interference. I powered my HF rig with Gel Cell batteries and turned on my handheld 2 meter radio. No interference. I plugged my computer into a battery powered inverter (Duracell Powerpack 600). So now we have isolated the radios and the power supply from both the house electrical delivery and from each other. when I turn on my computer....BAM! There's my interference.


I would expect this from a low quality, chinese switching power supply, but not from Corsair.


How can I get this resolved?

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