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The OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE of the years goes to.....


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Jelaide, Corsair Support.


I had a problem with Dominator GT memory.


Most likely one of the 1st batches off the production line.


Haven't we all had those kind of things happen if you have done dozens of custom builds.


The end result:

(this is the most un-heard-of thing in 'puter components I have personally *ever* experienced)


Thanks to her efforts and a little trouble shooting on my part, I was Immediately sent a replacement in the older blue XM modules (6 GMB) + a fan kit.


I emitted a small whine that I preferred the looks of the newer Red GT Dominator series.


Corsair sent me a check (that cleared :biggrin:) for the full amount......and that was trusting me to send the (now used) blue sticks back.


I did, part of our vows of the Church other than a love for Eggs Benedict.......the newer versions of the original TR3X6G1866C7GTF

(now discontinued according to the vendor :confused:) are purring along just fine.

Moderators....kindly explain what if I want to add another 6GBs, if you are inclined to do that.


Thanks ***so much*** Jelaide!


:owned:......By Corsair Memory!

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