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Confused with memory instalation steps


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This is probably a dumb question , I know quite a lot about computers and stuff but I just bought new TWIN2X2048-8500C5D 1.2 (somewhat older ver.) And the instructions say that I must turn off the PC which is obvious but to leave the plug in.


But does this mean I have to have the mobo on the shutdown power , or I can turn off the PSU switch.


Also what is the reason for this ,can something bad happen to the ram if I do it wrong?


Normall I always installed ram with no power at all , I didn't know what could go wrong.



Plus. Where to check which revision is the latest for a given ram model?

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Other Sources and recommendations point to this



""Turn the computer off. Disconnect all of the cables and other connections into the computer, including the telephone line connection for the modem, the printer connection, the monitor connection, and everything else. Also unplug the power connector from the PC. It's important that nothing external to the computer be connected before you start the upgrade so that nothing outside of the computer can provide any kind of electrical current to the computer while you are working on it. It's not getting electrocuted that's the concern, it's that some tiny electrical charge might come in at the wrong time and destroy a component. It's not uncommon for a computer to draw a little bit of electrical current while it is plugged in, even when it has been powered off, so that's why it's important to unplug the power connector, too. """

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Version number has NOTHING to do with when it was made.


The power cable should be plugged in to ground it so as to prevent a static buildup from damaging anything.


Honestly though, I've done upgrades both ways. As long as you ground yourself on something metal first and don't have static buildup you should be fine.

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