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x64 Win7 64 install gone wrong?


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Just got my new build up and with only Win7 64 and 300mb of programs added so far, my SSD is showing 24gigs full!!!


I am unsure what has caused this and have no idea how to fix it.


What is the procedure to get my SSD back to stock and try to install again. I need to recover all that wasted space.


Any advice would be helpful, I do not understand WHY this has happend.:bigeyes:



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Nothing to fix .... Windows 7 is a BIG operating system. I also notice that you have 6GB of memory, this means that Windows will have created a paging file approximately 1.5x the size of your memory - in your case about 9GB. I reduced my paging file to 1GB max as only about 300MB was being used at peak.


I'm busy compiling a tutorial on how to save even more space - reduce small file writes to your SSD and some other little tweaks that have helped to maintain performance and reduce wear on your SSD.


No need to reinstall as long as everything is ticking along nicely - you will just end up with another 24GB install.

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