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HX750w DOA? Or Worse?


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I have recently been having issues with my computer turning off when I launch video games. I had accredited this to my PSU being maxed out, as with my specs 500w was smallest I could use, and on top of that my 500w was no 80+ cert, so who knows what I was actually getting.


Anyways, I just recieved a new HX750w, and got everything plugged up. And when I went to plug it in, the fans spun for a split second, and nothing. I said, crap, DOA?


But the kicker came when I plugged back in my old PSU it now does the same thing...


I'm a computer novice at best, but I'm not sure what this means... any help would be greatly appreciated! As well as even more information I can provide, to be helped better.


Thanks in advance,


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