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Low voltage from HX520W?


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I have a HX520W PSU. When I look at the voltages reported in BIOS I get the following:


(approximate min and max recorded during observation)


Vcore 1,35 to 1,38

3,3V 3,3

+5V 4,3 to 4,4

+12V 11,6 to 11,8

-12V -10,4 to -10,5

Battery 3

+5V SB 4,9 to 5,0


What I would like to know is whether these values are acceptable and according to specs?


I found an answer to a similar question regarding the +12V rail on another PSU, claiming that a deviation by 5% is ok. Does this percentage apply to all PSUs and rails?


Some of my voltages are outside of the 5%-interval. Is there a problem with my PSU?



Kind regards,


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Thank you for answering.


I will check the voltages manually this weekend.


With my previous PSU (in the same system) I had the correct voltages, when checking in BIOS...


Furthermore, I still need to know what the acceptable deviations are. Any ideas about that? Is there a technical specification I can read somewhere?

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Post your finds :)


I am just waiting for a multimeter to arrive, as I'm getting worryingly low software readings from both my TX550 AND TX750. Even more worrying now, as for the first time since this build, the computer randomly lost power and rebooted.


I've just RMAd my GPU, but it could be the power supplies afterall. Major bummer.

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I followed the instruction on Corsair's site, I.e. unplugged everything shorted the green pin.


I found a key to decode the colors of the ATX-connector, and have obtained these results:


Orange (3,3v) ==> 3,4v OK!

Red (5v) ==> 5,04v OK!

Yellow (12v) ==> 10,02v NOT OK!

Blue (-12v) ==> -9,37v NOT OK!


The results are disappointing. I bought an expensive PSU on purpose, in an attempt to avoid problems like this. I only installed the PSU 7 months ago, so there are a couple of years left on the warranty.


Is there something more I should test before asking for a replacement?

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