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Have a HC50. Worried like heck :(


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Hello everyone.


My name is Andy, I reside in West Sussex U.K and I have a bit of a dilemna.


I currently have a EVGA/Alienware OEM'ed 680i and I wasn't going to replace it for a while yet.


I purchased a HC50 Corsair LCLC about two months ago and put it on and I love it. Temps are excellent and I have managed a large overclock out of my aging E4500. However, there lies the problem.


Being as the 680i was one of Nvidia/Intel's 'skank' motherboards (they don't support anything on 45nm) I was looking at paying out for a new motherboard and chip when I decided to go down the upgrade path. And this is fine, because I have chosen to go AMD Phenom 2 as it supports my existing ram (8gb Corsair XMS DDR2) which I am not replacing, especially given current ram prices.


However, the HC50 does not come with an AMD retention mech and I have just coughed out £60 for this lovely HC50 unit. I did read when buying it that you can get a replacement RT mech from Corsair, but I have no idea how to :confused:


I did try following the customer support steps, but the page would not continue to the support form, so sadly for you guys here I am :D


Any suggestions? I'm tired of Intel and their motherboard changing debauchery, and don't want to replace my ram. I have no real considerable upgrade options (apart from older core 2 extremes, no thanks) so would ideally want to return to AMD because for £65 I can get a bloody good board that supports their entire gen of Phenom2 and Athlon2 CPUs.


I'm not prepared to go I7 as I have had it with Intel. Any company that can change a single socket's worth of CPUS to require two or three motherboard upgrades and then go onto another socket entirely can bugger right off.

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It will not matter where you are as long as UPS and or FEDEX will deliver there. We do have an office in Europe and Asia so you should be fine!




Incredible. Paid the poor, measly $5 and it's been shipped and arrives from Europe tomorrow :eek:


I'd actually bitten two of my fingernails to bleeding point over this. I have spent 30+ hours doing my research, made the decision to kick Intel to the curb due to their obsessive motherboard changing debauchery and was scared to death I wouldn't be able to use the HC on the AMD :D:


Superb service, absolutely thrilled. :bigeyes:

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I should be good now :D


It arrived. Thanks so much !


Now I need to decide on what CPU to get. This is a daunting task :sigh!:


Not sure whether to get something sensible or just go balls out. Got a beautiful motherboard all ready and waiting though :)


First lanparty ever, it has like, 14 USB headers haha.

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