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Corsair p128 multi-tasking slow


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i've got a p128 with the old inferior firware and after owing it for 1 months is becoming very slow at multi-tasking, software takes ages to install and when trying to do anything where its writing data to the hard drive i have to wait, ie totally locks up until the softwares finished writing to the ssd and ideas what to do , i don't want to format it every month.
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Whilst defragging SSDs is not recommended there are two products that you can use:


Diskeeper with Hyperfast and Perfect Disk 10 will help to restore some performance without causing much trouble. Check out the links below:






Perfect Disk




I would recommend using these infrequently until the new firmware is released that will utilise Garbage Collection and possibly Trim under Windows 7.


Hope this helps :-)

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Or you can image the drive off to another drive using Accronics Disk Image then delete the partition and restart and let Disk Manager create and QUICk format the drive then test the performance with Atto Disk Bench. The you can image it back to the original install.
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