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H50 Mounting Options


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I am building a new PC, and I am interested in using the H50 to cool a 1156/core-i5. I realize I have to wait until the new brackets are released, but my question is about air flow and my different options for my case.


I am going to have a HAF-922 case. 200mm intake in the front. 200m exhaust at the top. 140mm exhaust at the rear. I will have a side grill that has 2 open spots for 120mm fans. I am wondering if I can mount the H50 on the top 120mm slot on the side grill. I want to use this spot so I can suck air from the side of the case and still keep my top and rear exhaust.


Are the hoses long enough? Are the power connectors long enough to reach the cpu and chasis fan connectors on a P7P55D Mobo?


Any help would be great.

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The hoses are 11-12 inches. The power cable for the pump is approximately 7-8 inches long, and the power cable for the fan is about 10-11 inches.


Unless they have made them longer, the power cables on both of my coolers are less then 7 inches. That is the major complaint I have had with the cooler.

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