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X64 Dead? - Please Help!


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I've had my X64 64Gb for a couple of months, initially I had Win 7 64bit on it but due to some issues with a couple of drivers I decided to install Vista 64bit. After moved to Vista I started to get random errors with it when shutting down and never thought anything of it.


Anyway to cut a long story short Vista packed in so I formatted the drive and put Win 7 back on. Similar issues occurred when, so it asked me to run startup repair which I did. Then when it rebooted nothing happened! The drive is recognised in the BIOS but after it POSTS nothing happens. I've put an old Hard Drive with XP on as the master and the X64 as slave and it won't go past windows screen!


I've tried booting from my Windows 7 disc but even that stalls! I'm out of ideas and nothing else on the net has helped me so far. The only thing I can think of is that its dead but its still picked up in the BIOS.


So if anyone has any info which might help I'd really appreciate it.



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OK a couple of things to try:


First off can you boot with your Windows 7 disk and then get to the second screen where it asks you to install? If you can select the option bottom left to "Repair Your Computer".


Once in there goto a Command Prompt: type in -




then type the following commands




If you see your SSD in the list take a note of the number:


Now type:


SELECT DISK X (X being your SSD disk as numbered in the list ... i.e. 0)


Now type:




This may take a while as the command is clearing all partitions and resetting the NAND blocks to zero


One finished .... type EXIT and restart your computer and proceed to install Windows 7


DO NOT FORMAT the SSD, just allow Windows 7 to do its bit after you select your SSD as the OS disk during install. Windows 7 will automatically create two partitions 1 x 100mb for system files and the remainder for your OS and programs. Windows 7 will also automatically align the SSD correctly.


You should get a successful install ....


Before you do this check how your Sata set up in the BIOS? IDE or AHCI? If its set to IDE change it AHCI before starting the install.


It might also be worthwhile to do the following too:


Put your SSD on Sata Port 1 - put your optical drive on the last Sata Port (i.e. port 6) and then any other drives put them on reducing ports from the last ... i.e. 5,4,3 etc. This will reduce crosstalk on the sata ports between devices which sometimes causes problems.


Hope this helps :-)

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Just tried the suggestion but unfortunately the command prompt doesn't list the SSD and all the disks have the status " No Media " so I tried to "SELECT DISK" each number including 0 (what the Disk is in the BIOS) but unfortunately no luck I'm afraid.


So I tried to do another install in the hope of being able to see the SSD however there wasn't anything in the list! My BIOS can see it okay but after that nothing, do you have any other ideas of where I can go from here?


Thanks again for the advice earlier.


Update: My drive is no longer seen in the BIOS either, so I take it I need to take the drive back to the retailer I bought it from for replacement?

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There is one more thing you can try - it's a long shot, but it has come my way before and the solution worked for that particular incident.


Take your RAM down to 2GB and see what happens - if it works and you can install Windows 7, then you can put the rest of your RAM back in after the installation.


You can give it a shot and see what happens - if that fails then I guess it's a RMA job.

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I've tried both of my machines now, but in 1 its not recognised in the BIOS and in the other it is. However I guess it doesn't really matter as it won't come up in the windows installation screen or the command prompt with DISKPART -> LIST DISK commands even with just the one stick of RAM so I guess I can't do any more so I'll be contacting the retailer this afternoon.


Thanks again for those suggestions.

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