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CMD8GX3M4A1600C8 - 1 bad stick


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Hi, I got this CMD8GX3M4A1600C8 kit today and tested all 4 sticks one by one and had one bad stick, it won't past post, debug leds shows FF on my MSI 790FX-GD70. All other sticks are fine and runs at the rated specs.


My question is, can I RMA one stick only? I think this product had just launched so maybe there wouldn't be any issues with incompatible ICs. Sorry for the noob question, it's my first corsair.


And last question, how would i make the RMA from Singapore? Is there a local/branch office here available or do i have to ship this again to the U.S.? I bought this at newegg through a concierge service.



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