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cm2x2048-8500c5c +ga-ep45-ud3r


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I am going crazy here,


I recently bought 2 ga-ep45-ud3r boards and 8 of the cm2x2048-8500c5c


so 8 gigs for each computer, and I cannot for the life of me get it stable


I have f9 bios for the board, i uped the dram voltage to 2.1v yet i still get memory errors


I ran memtest86 on each ram module and they all fail on test 5

i ran the windiag memory test and failed on stride6? test.


I see alot of other people also having issues with test 5 on the same memory.


I really dont think i have 8 bad ram modules so it must be a configuration issue.


the board is correctly setting timings to 5-6-6-18.


what am i doing wrong. please help


thanks in advance

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but thanks for the idea, i did not test a different slot



testing now. so far it may be a bad slot. 3 of the 4 mem modules tested good in the second slot on the first motherboard. I am going to finish testing in the second slot then test again in the first slot.

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