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A Definitive Answer on Write Cache on XP please! (Yes ive read FAQ and searched)


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Running a X32 on windows XP Pro 32 and keep getting contradicting answers on the subject.


From the FAQ


Q: What about services or programs in my operating system such as indexing, pre-fetching, write-caching, defrag etc?

A: Corsair SSDs require no maintenance programs or operating system tweaks


From thread "Should i enable Vista "write cache" for P256"


RAMGUY posts

Write cache should be disabled for SSD drives.


Legend writes

With any drives that have onboard cache, regardless if ran in a non-raid or raid configuration enabling "write cache" is recommended. In non-raid configurations Vista and Windows 7 will have this feature enabled by default if the drive has on board cache.


please this is getting confusing can i get an answer from RAMGUY as to why write cache should/shouldnt be enabled on XP?


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Cool thanks for clearing that up for me RAM GUY :)


BTW im really happy with the performance of my new drive, it really is a noticable upgrade. Im glad i chose to buy a SSD instead of upgrading my e6400 @ 3.2 ghz for a e7500 (which i hoped to OC to ~4 ghz) because i know theres no way i wouldve seen this kind of gain with only more clockspeed.


The Windows screen alone loads up with 2 and a half passes of the progress bar, compared to the 9 or 10 it used to take with my Raptor. Then once im in, everything in my toolbar pops up almost instantly. Im hooked! i wanna buy another X32 now just to put in RAID :D


Oh and the support on this forum has been great too :)

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