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Tobias Wagner

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a few weeks ago i got my new pack of Dominator rams. After i installed it and set the timings to 5-5-5-15 DDR1066 and the voltage to 2.1V everything seams to work fine.

During using my PC i got a lot CRC errors nearly in every second download. And aplications like i-explorer crashes alot.

Yesterday my System got crazy and made strange things several BSOD´s MEMORY MANAGEMENT.


About 100 reboots due to system errors my Windows was not able to boot any more. :mad:


I reinstalled my windows and again everything seams to be fine. but it was not. Again CRC-error´s i-explorer crashes and so on.


i used the Windows momorydiagnostic tool from the bootmenu. I got an error after a few seconds. anything about an hardware problem...


i installed a pair of non dominator xms2 rams 2x2g the windows memorytool tell me no error.


i think my paar of Dominator my be broken.


i hop you can help me.


best regards




P.s. i am german i give my best for a good english

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