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Question on the authenticity of 6G Kit TR3X2000C8GT currently being sold


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I just bought a pair of TR3X2000C8GT from your Chinese distributor Timesrunner.


Upon receiving the purchased unit, I noticed it came without any warranty, manual, or even an integrated package : what I received are four seperated items in a make-shift brown box - 3 plastic bags and a small unsealed white box. Each plastic bag contains a single stick but nothing more : no warranty, installation manual or country of origin ( coo ) marks.


I purchased quite a few Corsair Kits before but none of them sold in such way. I contacted Timesrunner and they explained that because this specific model never really enter the bulk production process, it therefore does not have printed warranty, coo, manual and ect. But they will provide full RMA and other CS support for the model nonetheless.


So can you confirm the authenticity of this purchased unit ( TR3X2000C8GT ) from Timesrunner? And this model is also being sold such way in the US?


Your prompt reply on this matter will be appreciated.



David He

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This is a new item and we have not had all of the packaging completed in the first production run and if so they would come in plain white or Brown BOX but the modules have our Patented Heat Spreader and I do not know of any one who has copy that, that reseller is one of or resellers so I have to presume they are indeed real Corsair Product.
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Alrite. The specific timing for the tri-channel Kit is 2000 mhz 8-8-8 24, but I can only run it stable at 1876 mhz 8-8-8 24, with i7 975 running at 156 BCLK with 26 multis ( on EVGA X58 Classified E-159 ). It that supposed to be normal?


2000 mhz 8-8-8 24 is achievable with 200X20 but can not be stablized on both of my rigs. ( i7 920 D0 + P6T Deluxe V2 and i7 975 D0 + EVGA X58 Classified ). It goes BSOD within seconds of Prime95 test.


If 200 mhz minors / plus is within the tolerance of Corsair, WILL the new CMG6GX3M3A2000C7 be able to run actually stable at/over 2000 mhz? :evil:

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