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I'm so happy with my new H50, Just got it today and install with no problem


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Q6600 OC to 3.6...






Use prime95 100% load, 45 degrees




My setting,,I have no choice to set like this cause my case can not fit in to back.





Thank you Corsiar H50, I like it.

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... Why do you have the radiator under the PSU? You're adding additional heat (and air pressure) to the PSU which it's not designed for. The radiator / fan should be on the empty fan space on the left.


I have no choise to do that becasue i can not put the radiator on the back of the case, something block the space..

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I saved out your picture and using another viewer could see everything much better. I truley believe you should move the radiator to your rear 120mm location. Youre killing your power supply with all that heat going into it. I cant see any reason to not put it on that open space. After the dust gets cleaned off that is :) ..


I dont know, but I truley believe your cutting the life of your power supply and possibly your H50. But Im not expert enough to tell you absolutely. I do know I would never set mine up like that.

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quite honestly if u have a case that cant handle mounting the h50 properly its probably a sign that your case really isnt very good. from the pic u posted i cant see any reason why u cant mount the h50 on the rear. maybe a few other clear pics would make it easier to see.


having it mounted like this is bad for 2 main reasons.

1. you are using warm case air to cool the h50.

2. your power supply is being used to vent out the extra hot air. ideally the psu shouldnt be doing the case exhaust duty, that should be the rear exhaust fan.


this cooler really should be used in cases with a top exhaust fan.


but honestly a case like say the antec 300 is cheap and would perform much better than whatever it is you are using if youre on a budget. nice airflow and a top exhaust. my 2 cents.

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