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RAM issue

Dead Bird Dog

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I am having intermittent lockups that require a hard reboot woth my Acer Extensa 5620 laptop. There is no pattern to them that I can discern. he laptop may run fine for a week then lockup several times in sucession. It does seem that if the laptop is allowed to remain off for several minutes that it will again work fine for awhile.


The lockups show a pattern of horizontal bars on the display and require me to hard reboot the laptop as it becomes completely frozen. The primary reason I think the RAM is the culprit is that I took the two modules out of the Acer and placed them in a Gateway MX6958 and it too does the same thing.


RAM Modules are VS1GSDS667D2. I have run numerous memtest v.2.11 passes on the machine. When a single module is in place the test shows no errors. I can get through an occasional pass with both modules but rather than showing an error the test locks up and freezes. It may freeze at any point in the test.


Suggestions? I have attached a image toshow what the lockups display.



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I initially suspected thermal issues but I've seen it do it right over top of an air-conditioning vent as well. he BIOSin both laptops are the most current. Also seeing the same exact thing in two different laptops on those RAM chips leads me to believe it has to be the RAM. I'll get an RMA and send them back.



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