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AMD PII940 BE temps


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I spent the better part of the day OCing (gotta work with it to learn it). I has one postive event with my 955BE. I could not get 10mins into a 1 hr 3.9 stability test wihout a blue screen.


I upped Vcore 1.35 to 1.45 (under load) and passed the stability test.


I read a 1.5v limit on Vcore for the 955BE. My motherboard (ASUS M4A79T Deluxe sure has the possibility to go much higher).

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they use the same freqs and multis, just different vcores, 3 deg difference, both stable.


will be looking to improve in the near future, although not by alot. my target was 3.5Ghz and im there already, just wana increase my ram speed.

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Well i just installed the H50, running my phenom II 955 @ 3.6GHz atm.


Multi: 200x18

Vcore: 1.4125v

CPU - NB: 1.2750

NB Freq: 2400MHz

HT Freq: 2000MHz

NB Voltage: 1.1v


Temps 100% load: 50c - 53c

Idle temps: 32c (with CC enable)


Temps are a bit high, thats because i use the Corsair as a outtake fan instead of intake. Will change that soon, just wanted to know what the temps would be like this way. Also gonna make it push/pull.


Had a Zalman 9700 before this one, same speeds/vcore and it already maxed out on temps.

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I have had my H50 running for about a month now ind i must say that i am quite impressed.


The first thing i did was replaced the stock fan with a 120x55mm radiator fan 1800 rpm (only 1 company makes them and they are awesome) I set up the fan to Pull air from inside my case thru the radiator. i know this isint reccommended but i did it to maintain good airflow thru my case.


I picked this fan over a push pull setup because i didnt see the point in paying for 2 fans when 1 could probably do the job better (i work on AC's and 2 fan push/pull method will not increase airflow across your coil, your best bet is a DEEP fan with a high pressure setup to pull)


Im running my 955be at a modest 3.6Ghz 206 x 17.5 stock volts and havent seen temps over 47c running prime 95 for about 2 hours.


I have noticed that My vid card can get to about 56c while gaming and the heat is getting sucked thru my rad, I am thinking of fashioning some sort of shroud to mebie suck outside air across the coil or atleast suck from a cooler part of my case. im gonna try a 120mm - 92mm fan adaptor and see how it works ill post results if i see temps of 3c cooler or better.


Thanks Corsair for the awesome products at reasonable prices you guys rox

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well I used the AS5 right off the bat,.. im not a big fan of reseating unless absolutly nesicary. if you have ever used AS5 you know there is a LONG curing time. I ran everything stock for about a week using prime 95 1 time a day for about an hour then letting everything cool down. so i never tested against the stock thermal pad... witch seemed very thick to me. thickness is another thing... people will get higher temps if they applied tomuch AS5 just like any other paste so i cant say for sure but you will notice about 2c drop with AS5 after it is fully cured
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