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X32 Resize Partition "Free Space Before" Using Partition Magic


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I am trying to resize the partition of my old 74gb Raptor so i can clone the contents onto my new X32 SSD using Partition Magic.


When i choose the option to resize it asks me how much "Free Space Before" i want to leave (in megabytes)

My question is what would be the appropriate value to enter here? Can i leave it at 0? I read somewhere while googling the issue, that it is recommended to leave 1MB free space before the partition as any other value can affect performance, though i beleive this was on the ******** forum





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Then I would make the drive size 30-31 Gig Max and make it the full size of the drive when you image it to the SSD. I would also suggest you trim as much of that off of the SSD for best performance normally you would want to leave about 30% or more of the SSD Free for best performance.
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