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Paint chiping problem & some suggestions


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Ok i got my case two days ago everything was fine and perfect with it now I’ve noticed a small chip of paint missing near the button to release the windowed side panel.


Few issues ive noticed with the case other than the paint issue.


Lower case area where the PSU sits the grommets could do with being moved forward by 1 inch as the first one is covered by a normal size PSU. Causing a bulge in that area and the rear panel to pop off on its own.


Side panels locking mechanism could be better as a few times I’ve had panels pop off on there own.


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also should add that the case aint too friendly with a PSU Where the 24+2pin cable is on the right hand side of the PSU also you cant turn the psu to make it fit more easy. a back plate for the psu mounting that can be turned would fix this issue.


BTW is there anything i can do to stop the paint chipping anymore?

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