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Problem : CM2X2048-8500C5D


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hi there,

here i come to (try) explain you my problem

i bought some twinx dominator ==> CM2X2048-8500C5D just a couple days ago

but i got a black screen ( no bios message, no bip from the motherboard) when i plug the 2 memory at the same time.

if i plug just one (lets call it memory N°1): boot is OK

if i turn off, and plug the second memory instead of the N°1 : boot is KO


i tried on the 4 slots of the motherboard ( Asus P5Q-E) it's always the same.

it seems that memory n°2 doesn't want to work...


I tried to check the DRAM voltage too, even if i specify manualy 2.1V

memory speed is up to 1066mhz, that's seems good too.

The 'second' memory doesn't help me to go through POST.. always the same Dark screen on my monitor :/


At this time, i'm working with 1 slot memory


i think, i'm on the good way to need a SAV :/

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