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H50 Radiator details


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Hi all,


I'm going to get one H50 as soon as it's available in France (during September), but i've questions about radiators dimensions.


Actually I've one sugo SG04 and I've limited space..;)


On one review :


I've found the following dimensions for the radiator :

150 x 120 x 22 mm

It's pretty precise, especially depth of 22mm. Some others reviews mention 25mm but it's not a precise measure, just a quick estimation.


In fact that's the dimension I truly need to know : depth of this radiator because at 22mm is perfect, but higher value will cause me some troubles..:D


Please could you help me about this issue?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Unfortunately the radiator does measure in at 25mm in depth.


Ok thank you for your answer..:)


At 25mm in total depth I need to modify slightly my ATX 24V connector..:D

anyway I'll manage to put one H50 in my sugo SG04 even it will be closed..:)


Second question : is it possible to put one 12mm or 38mm depth fan with screw supplied with H50?

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its shocking that its so tight that you are worrying about 1mm.


is there any chance of mounting a fan outside instead of inside the case?


this was my solution to low space inside:




from left to right:


120mm fan : radiator : 120mm -> 140mm fan adapter : case side : 140mm fan : 140mm -> 120mm fan adapter : 120mm filter.

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In order to be sure i've not 25mm in depth I've devided to test available depth by putting one Noctua S12 that share same depth as radiator (25mm)...and results is :

Perfect fit!

I've tried to show you by one photo :



My mistake was to consider my ATX24 con was at the same level as front fan...in fact it's a bit below..;)


I've preorderd one H50 and I hope this could people looking for acquiring H50..:D

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