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When will the window-less version be available?


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I've never had a case with a window and since I keep my tower to the right of my desk, the window would be hidden anyway. I would prefer a windowless version of the 800D. My impression from looking on Newegg (my fav!) is that you pay extra for the window version of the same model case.


Thanks in advance.


My first post on this forum. Hope it won't be my last.;):

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We will have a windowless side panel available for separate purchase on our website very soon. Just check back on our store to see when it becomes available:




Ram Guy,


Thanks for the quick response. Is there _ any chance _ that a windowless version of the 800D case will be sold, so I don't have to go through the extra expense of buying a replacement panel?


Do you think :laughing: that I could sell the window-panel door on eBay?


Thank you. ;):

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