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psu question


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i recently got a 9600gt..minimum psu req: 400w. the 12v etc everything fit minimum if not exceeded requirements. i realized i needed a new psu so i purchased the corsair 400w. the pc ran fine for a week then the psu ceased to work. the psu doesn't work on any pc. wondering if i have to get more watts and if so why would the minimum requirements be so low on the gpu if its borderline with a product damage threshold.


kinda disapointed too. took about a month to get the gpu. then had to get the new psu..which took another month...just to play for a week. after all is said and done all the products are out of date and are worthless alongside my spent money and time. i suppose i could have just went to the stores and got overpriced brand name stuff but the only way i could afford it was purchasing online.


anyways someone recommended i just get like 1000w and this should solve the issue?

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never mind. i just decided to buy a psu from a dependable company. sorry corsair but i sold your broken psu to some loser who thought it worked. hope you like having another angry customer. then again what do you care...


thanks for wasting my time. ill make sure nobody i know buys corsair.

400w = 100w with your company. lies even on the box.


ill also post negative comments on all your products on every website i come across :)


have a nice day and i hope you enjoy swimming in all the money you make off of scamming innocent consumers.



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