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Obsidian 800D case


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hi guys,

from Scan.co.uk took delivery of the case :), install went with a breeze, mb, even the H50 cooler, amd setup (120 fan rubber mount nice), seen other post where optic drive loose, well iv two both Liteons the cd drive snug fit, the dvd hmm smaller even with lock tabs the drive slides out if pressed hard, note to self dont press hard lol.


although i did work out eventually,

the link ie http://Http://corsair.com/800Dmanual

cannot see where to download manual, again guys cough wheeze 40ish lol.. eyes arnt what they where...


could you also forward a link for the ssd adaptor, currently lying in case, cant find adaptors onsite sigh..:P

i have got Akasa adaptor, but the connectors are little higher by 1.5mm, im lookin for corsair to match :)


regards Geoff

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thanks for replying and answering my questions..another



the power cable for the sata for hot swap bay, do you do a single feed so as not to use the multi block power cable, currently iv connected 2x optical and hot swap bays together.. trying to limit space usage in back..


appologies now if wrong section..

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I would suggest using a different power connection to prevent power loss but more then likely SSD's do not use much power so it is up to you if you want to try that.


tbh il be installing windows7 when i receive my copy from microsoft, i was trying to minimise the cables for now, does Corsair sell a single ended cable?

or cable kits optical leads


thanks for your time and patience

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