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SSD mounting


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About to give up now, cant get the SSD's in as the screw stoppes it to slide in. See picture, guess a very very flat screw would do or if i sink the hole.


Also the opical drive is not a tight fit in the 5.25 slot either, small gap around it,, bigger than normal. Have tried two to check if it was the same.


Also noticed the window door has been bent a bit on one of the sides.


:[pouts: :[pouts:



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You surely haven't been all that lucky with your case Nordic. To mee it seems the guys working on the retooling, didn't do that good of a job. I looked around a bit, and found this pic: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/2897/corsair_obsidian_800d_full_tower_chassis/index7.html Thid pic from the bottom. It may have been taken at a slight angel, but it looks like the drive is nearer to one than the other side of the front.


What i'm currently afraid of is, that the faults seems to be plentiful, and would cost an arm and a leg to put right. Are the ppl who bought it getting stuck with faults, or offered poor solutions in the end? Judging from ppl who show up in forums, it seems two or three got a perfect case, while the rest have one or more problems with theirs.


I'm awaiting the report from another dane (as you well know;) on how his case arrived. I actually ordered it last night, but currently i'm sitting with my finger on the "cansel order" button.


Flatter screws? It looks like you need to get another bag of screws. I'm just wondering. If there isn't room for a couple of ordinary srews, how much air will be going pass the drives? Sadly only one review - that i know of - mentioned anything about hdd temps. They looked okay btw.


Hope you end up being satisfied with your purchase. It's an amazing case, if it wasn't for all of the faults.

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