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Speed - Flash Voyager 512Mo


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I have buying in 2005 a flash voyager 512MB in France.


Someby can give it to me the theorical speed of this key in reading and writing ?


I think it is 19MB/s in reading and 13MB/s in writing but somebody can confirm this information ?


Thank You,


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  • Corsair Employees

Please test using HDBench (Available here: http://www.asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=67837) and follow these steps to accurately test the write and read speed for your drive.


1. Do a full format with FAT32 on a Windows XP machine. (we have found that formatting the drive with Vista will give you slower transfer speeds)

2. Make sure you select the correct drive letter in the lower right hand corner of HDBench.

3. Make sure 100MB file size is selected

4. Click the "Computer Tower" icon on the bottom left of the screen to begin the benchmark.


Let me know the results!

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thanks but my question is only on the theoretic properties of the key.


In fact, my key; buying in the site http://www.materiel.net is KO. So the site want exchange my key against a mini flash voyager corsair 4GB (http://www.materiel.net/ctl/Cles_USB/39342-Flash_Voyager_Mini_4_Go.html).


But my main use of this key is with portable application and the properties of the mini flash voyager seems be worse than the flash voyager classic.

(18,3MB/s and 5,9MB/s against 19MB/s and 13MB/s)


So the shop don't want exchange my key against a 8GB (http://www.materiel.net/ctl/Cles_USB/25293-Flash_Voyager_8_Go.html) witch has the same properties of my 512 MB and I like found the properties of the 512 MB to constrain us.


Sorry for my english.


Thank You,


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