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H50 odd temps between cores


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Installed a Hydro H50 cooler on my new Core i7 920, running at default clock. I was kinda wondering if the temps shown in the included pictures, are good enough? Note the odd tempature difference between the cores... That's the only thing that worries me. I removed the original thermal paste and used Arctic Silver 5 instead. I followed this guide to the letter.


So the question remains if I put too much thermal paste on the CPU, or perhaps either the cooler or CPU aren't entirely flat.



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4c difference is nothing, if you expected all cores at the same temp you will be waiting for a loooooooooooong time.

ive had a 10-12c difference between cores on my 2 quads until i lapped the CPU. intel has high corners on their chips and it can cause differences. but realistically 4c is nothing to worry about at all.

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