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Asus Striker Extreme and 2 pairs of TWIN2X4096-6400C5


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Hi guys,


I have the same MB and memory, and I would like to explain my issue on this thread, if this is ok with the OP.


So, I have ASUS Striker Extreme and 4 x CM2X2048-6400C5. I bought the memory from TigerDirect.ca as 2 pairs.


At this moment the system is running stable with 3 modules.

I have tried multiple times to make my system work with all 4 modules, without success.

Every time I'm trying to add the 4th module, I get "DET DRAM" on the MB LCD, and it doesn't boot.


The BIOS version is 1801 - I had several issues on using any of the modules before doing a BIOS update a few months ago.


I have tried each module individually, and all work.


Any advice will be highly appreciated.



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I currently have installed in my system 2 sticks of

CM2X1024-6400C4 xms2 (2GB total). These have been working fine for this minimal amount of ram i put it when i bought and put together this machine few years ago.


I wanted to upgrade my ram to 8 GB so i went to the same place i bought the original ram from and bought 4 sticks of

CM2x2048-6400C5 xms2 (8gb total) (only on this sticker they mention 1.80V ver4.2, does that mean something diff from old ram?)


I have and ASUS m2n-32 Sli deluxe mother board

I thought i was buying the same ram just upgraded. Has the same logo and looks pretty much the exact same as my old ram

However when installed initially. With just 2 sticks of the new ram..the computer ran fine for about 20 minutes then froze. Then after reboots the freezes became more frequent. I installed the other pair and the computer does not even boot. So i tried just sets of 2 each installed. First pair again same...works for few min then freezes. Second pair...computer doesn't even boot. I got frustrated and installed my old for awhile just to have the computer working. Well today i felt like maybe it was just a fluke and tried them all again...and now entirely the computer will not boot regardless of any combination of sticks of the new ram i put in.


Now a friend told me to check the ram timing just similar to the posting i found in this thread. However I currently cannot even get the computer to boot with these new ram installed to change the bios setting for the ram timing. And im afraid to change them now with the old ram installed in fear of the computer not booting up and not being able to change them all back afterward.


It does bug me however that the ram settings are even an issue due to most or pretty much all motherboards ive worked with do this automatically. This board should def be able to config auto itself i thought.


thank you for your time.

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  • Corsair Employees

To properly figure out if the problem is the memory or not, you should run memtest and inform me of the results.

Here are the directions you can use to run memtest:


1. Head over to http://www.memtest.org

2. Click on the link labeled "Download (Pre-built & ISOs)"

3. Next click on the link labeled "Download - Pre-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS - Win)"

4. Download the software and Unzip the program files

5. Make sure a floppy disk is inserted

6. Run the program, when it asks which drive letter type in "a:"

7. Program should finish writing, reboot off floppy disk

8. Allow memtest to run 2-3 passes, one module at a time

I hope these instructions help you! Please let me know what happens!

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