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P128 drive goes walkabout


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My problem seems similar to others I read in this forum. Starting with a working system with Vista 32 bit, I installed a P128 along side the other drives and installed Vista 64 bit on it for a dual boot system.


The Vista install seemed to go well, and the dual boot menu was installed and seemed to work ok, but on a number of occasions the system doesnt find the P128 when booting. On one occasion doing a vista repair found that the boot files were corrupt and rebuilt them. Another time the repair didnt find any problems, but when I rebooted, the SSD was back and booted ok.


I did do a full format with the install, and from some of the hints i read here, this was a bad idea?


The drive is part number CMFSSD-128GB2d, serial 09320180-10077110


any help would be most appreciated

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You never want to do a full format on an SSD, I would suggest you make an image of the drive like using Accronics Home and the delete the partition and restart the system and then recreate and quick format it then image the O.S. back on the drive but test it with HD-Bench software to test the performance. before you image it.
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Thanks for the reply RamGuy. I have already tried something similar to your advice - I deleted the partition and reinstalled Vista and the applications (using a quick format this time). I have not had the drive disappear on me since, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Unfortunately I did not do a drive benchmark. Would it be any use if I did one now?


thanks again



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