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window cracked


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All I can say is wow, this thing is huge and looks great. I am not sure how it survived the bad treatment that UPS seems to have given it but it seems to be okay barring the cracked side window. The box it came in was dented in on all 4 sides as well as the top, the styrofoam was broken/cracked into pieces. I took pics of the box and styrofoam. The side windows is scratched and cracked in a couple of spots so that will need to be replaced and all of the covers had fallen off from inside but they all snapped back into place like they should. I did a once over on the outside and everything seems okay although the sytrofoam seems to have left some kind of mark on the outside of the case. I need to know what you recommend for cleaning the case to inspect it closer. and I also need to know how I go about getting a new window shipped out/returned.

I looked at the box, my heart sank and was wowed at the same time. The enclosure was bigger than I had expected but the box looked like it had been handled by baggage handlers at the airport and drug from dollie to dollie, sat on, stepped on etc. I opened the box fearing the worst seeing the pieces of styrofoam strewn everywhere and broken all over. I pulled the case out and set it gently on the floor and carefully slid the plastic bag off of it. I was afraid to look but as I continued to lift it off, I noticed no discernable damage to the sheet metal. I was happy but disappointed to have seen it handled like this but happy for what little damage it had received. It was like carrying a 32 inch wide screen TV in the house and now it awaits its build as the parts arrive. It seems one of the feet did suffer some damage but I have yet to turn it over to see if it is actually damage or if it is just rotated about 45 Degrees. What is my next step?

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