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System not booting when XMP enabled


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This is my first custom build and I am having a problem with the memory trying to get it running at full speed.


At the moment everything in the pc is running at stock settings. I want to increase performance of the memory but everytime i try it refuses to boot and the only way i can restart it is by clearing CMOS.


I am very new to altering things in the Bios, hence I dont do it.


So my question is what must i change in the bios to make the memory run faster (and will also let the pc boot)


Only things i have tried fo far is to up the DRAM voltage to 1.64 (no 1.65 option availlable) and then enable XMP. (No multiplier option either only x6 and x8 Currently on x8).


Any help on this issue will be greatly welcomed.


Thank you

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