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520HX only starts up w/ modular cables unplugged


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I recently purchased a 520HX, plugged everything in, hit the power button and nothing. Dead silence, no fan spinning, lights, or beeps. I started playing around and was able to get it to start when I unplugged the 3 modular cables (PCI-E, SATA PWR, DVD PWR). It started up (fan spinning, motherboard lights, cpu fan) with simply the 24 pin and 8 pin cables cable plugged into the MB. I also noticed, even then, that it would not always start up and needed the on/off switch toggled and power cable to be unplugged and replugged.


I swapped my previous 420W PSU back in to make sure something wasn't wrong with the motherboard, and the computer booted up no problem. Also note that the computer has been running perfectly with the other PSU, for months. No other hardware changes have been made recently.


Any ideas???

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