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TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF on Asus P5Q unstable


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My issue started about a week after i purchased/built the system, i was having constant BSOD's and just random reboots which seemed to become more sever and frequent over time, turning into booting loops and just no boot at all.


I sent the RAM back my supplier after running Memtest86 and coming back with 17 errors at 2 hours on 2nd pass. It was returned to me as my fault for not setting the timings and voltages (In all the excitement of getting my new media centre i forgot about it).

I set the RAM to the manufacturers suggested timings and voltages (Printed on side of RAM) - It seemed all was well, for about 2 days, then the instability slowly started to appear again. After 4 days or so it was back to boot loops and such.


I think from here it might just be easier to list a few things i have done to try and fix the issue myself.


Formatted the Operating System twice to eliminate chance of software issue. (Made sure every device driver is at latest version)

Increased Voltages to 2.2v to try and eliminate chance of possible vDroop issue.

Tried installing only one stick at a time in each of the memory slots.

Removed additional PCI-E devices to try and lower chance of hardware conflict.

Changed graphics card.

Updated motherboard BIOS to latest version.


The RAM has been sent back to my supplier again and they still cannot find any issue, quote; "We have tested your RAM in multiple systems and have not been able to locate any issues in MEMTESTx86+ or HCI MEMTEST, this RAM has been running on one of the benches for over 24 hours.".


For the last few weeks i have been using my system with no faults using some spare sticks of Corsair CM2X1024-6400 (2 sticks).


Before anyone says "Why don't you just keep using the RAM that's working with it? Its only a media box, it doesn't need speed." or something like that. Short answer, it will be money down the drain if it doesn't work, and i like my money damnit! :P


My supplier has suggested i need to bring this issue here to try and find a solution or what ever because they cant help me any further because they cant find a fault. If anyone can help id really appreciate it a lot!


Thanks a lot in advance :)



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