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P128 SSD and A backup HD?


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I just purchased the P128 solid state drive and I'm going to format and install windows, but my question is; could I use my WD 10,000RPM raptor as a backup hard drive without any issues? 128GB isn't going to be enough so if I run a regular based hard drive (as a backup) without running any type of raid, will it cause any conflicts?



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it would depend on how you plan to do it but Our SSD can co-exist with other HDD's.


Just running both SATA on my motherboard (I'm using a desktop with a 2.5 - 3.5" converter for the SSD). I was told if I had both drives hooked up to the motherboard, the SSD won't run at optimum speed like it would by itself.


I'm basically looking for the SSD to store windows and applications, where the backup HD would be used for videos, images, music, ect.



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