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Probably everyone on the planet except me knows this but what size, kind of screws are needed to do a second fan on the H50 radiator?


Only thing Ive found that comes even close are some 38mm fan screws are these the correct ones?


I have a secondary fan on my system right now but its .. well "rigged" to be on there so I know its not the best way.


OH I did take one of the screws to Home Depot they just looked at me and looked silly and said .. you gotta raiiiiddeeeattttorrrr on yours komputers?


oh its great living in the wilds of missouri some times... NOT

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LOL sorry gotta laugh at that. you might wanna do some research on the dual fan thing. most reviews ive seen online give very very little improvement temp wise, certainly not enough to justify the extra noise of the second fan. if you do run it with dual fans please come back and post your results. im always wanting to hear real world results not just bench testing reviews...
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